What a simple question to answer – Money!!!  Well, maybe it’s not this easy.  How about perks like free meals, massages and a huge expense account.

Time and time again this question comes up and studies continually point to the softer side of things, the intangibles rather then cold hard cash or freebies.  Yes, it’s important to feel as though you are fairly compensated, though once this is satisfied, what really drives you to want to achieve more and put in all that you have?

Daniel Debow of Rypple offers the following 5 ideas keep your employees smiling:

1. Create a culture of education

2. Provide regular, consistent feedback

3. Set time aside for weekly 1:1 meetings

4. Manage the grunt work properly

5. Publicly acknowledge good work

Debow’s article, “5 ways to keep your Rock Star employees happy” explains the above in more detail and highlights some recent findings by Google’s own internal study code named Project Oxygen.  Check it out for a better understanding of the above 5 ideas….