Today was my grandfather’s birthday and I smile everyday because I was lucky enough to learn so much from him and he encouraged me to always be active, follow my passion and enjoy the ride with a smile.

It’s interesting that I still continue to learn more about him everyday and I’m grateful that I was able to learn so much from him.  I’ve attached two patents that my grandfather and his brother received back in 1936/37 and it’s interesting that I never really saw this side of my grandfather….

I’ve mentioned in the past some of the things I’ve learned from him, though one of the things that always stands out in my mind is that growing up, I had never known how smart he was or that he received high honors in college.  Growing up I had always thought that he started working and never even thought that higher education was important.

I remember hearing a story that after he graduated from college, he tried working in an office for a short time, though couldn’t imagine living the rest of his life being trapped in the same 4 walls and he gave it up to do something that he enjoyed.

Hmmmm – maybe we could all learn something from this…..

I miss you and happy birthday…..

Henry E. Hansch – Patent

Henry E. Hansch – Patent – 2