We’re all busy with our day to day routines making sure we get all of our tasks completed.  Though this past Friday, for a brief moment, some of us were luckily enough to see the space shuttle Enterprise welcomed to it’s new home in New York on the Intrepid and reminded of the power of our dreams and what we can accomplish.

President Kennedy stoked the coals of our innovation and imaginations when he reminded us that we undertake these challenges willingly not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because by overcoming these challenges we become better than we initially are.

Now compare this to your own dreams – What are they?  How are you going to accomplish them?  What is preventing you from achieving your greatness?

“I’m Alive
Got one shot and I’m taking it to you
I’m Alive
I’ve come to realize not a moment too soon
This is my one small step
This is my Walk on the Moon”

Great Big Sea “Walk on the Moon”


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