Yesterday we chatted about the potential of Ted Ed and we touched on the idea of “Flip this lesson” which is a feature in Ted Ed.  The idea is based on “Flip Teaching” and is going to allow us to create, build and utilize any video to use as a learning tool. How incredible is this!!

Ted Ed has already created heaps of Ted Ed videos, which already have various “Flip Teaching” tools incorporated into them.  They include quizzes, comments, and further detail about the subject, which we can use now as a supplement to classroom learning. You can also track your own progress or the progress of the individuals that you assign the lessons to through various tools that have been incorporated.
Though, Ted Ed also is giving us the ability to create our own “Flip Teaching” with any video on YouTube using a simple to use template that incorporates all of the things I mentioned above…. This is amazing!!

Last night after I blogged about Ted Ed my mind starting thinking of the possibilities.  As a fireman, I’m always interested in different instructional videos that other departments have posted online and we’ve utilized a few of these in our in-house training, though now we’re going to have the tools to “Flip” these videos and use these as supplemental learning tools to further our hands on training.

We can utilize these videos (or ones that we create) and build learning lessons around them using Ted Ed and then allow our members to view these on their own time.  We can then monitor their progress and questions, which will help lead us to where we need to concentrate more on.

This is just one simple instance where we can utilize the Ted Ed “Flip this lesson” and the possibilities are endless!!

Let’s get out and learn…..


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