Students have been learning the same way for centuries and here is another new tool that is being used to help reinvent the philosophy of learning and better utilize technology to encourage innovation, creativity and a true thirst for knowledge.

I’ve been a huge fan of TED talks for a while now and for those of you that have never experienced the power and inspiration of a TED talk, you need to check them out.  In short, TED (Technology Entertainment Design) are “riveting talks by remarkable people” from all around the world and all types of backgrounds.  They are short (10min – 20 min) talks about Ideas that can change the world.

TED has now introduced TED ed which is a series of short animated videos (less then 10 min) that have been submitted by teachers from around the world.  The goal is to amplify the world’s best teachers and allow them to enrich the lives of so many more then ever possible.  These videos can then be able to be incorporated into lesson plans or compliment coursework and encourage students to “Stay Curious” and become life long learners.

Another key is a “Flipping Feature” which allows teachers to turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions, and follow-up suggestions to any video on TED-Ed or YouTube.  There are even customizable quizzes where you can track your students’ progress and participation.

The flipping concept originated from the teaching method that encourages classroom time as learning and interaction, while outside of the class students read, watch videos and can take assessment tests.

Now let’s get started by watching the below Ted Ed video….


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