Willian Cardoso won this year’s 27th annual Surfest (Burton Toyota Pro) in Newcastle Australia a few days ago and I just have to smile because I was lucky enough to live in the old Wirraway Apartments that overlooked Newcastle Beach when I lived in Australia and I got to enjoy Surfest first hand for the few years I was there.  It’s a bit sad that my old homestead has been torn down for some new high-end apartments, though it was only a matter of time before they would have crumbled down anyway!!!

Surfest is an amazing 2 week surf competition which cumulates with the worlds best surfers fighting to take home the “Mark Richards Trophy”.  The cool thing was that at the end of the day a lot of surfers still hung around the beach and we got to paddle out next to some of the worlds best and share a wave!!! 

Ha, if you noticed I mentioned only paddling out because I still suck at surfing!!!  Though, it’s a great feeling to see the world’s best take on mother nature and perform some incredible moves, not too mention an invitational session with Mark Richards, Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson and Layne Beachley!!

“How would you like to stand like a God before the crest of a monster billow, always rushing to the bottom of a hill and never reaching its base, and to come rushing in for a half mile at express speed, in graceful attitude, until you reach the beach and step easily from the wave?”

Duke Kahanamoku

Life is good!!!


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