We watched a good movie tonight called “The Joneses” which is about a family (actually 4 professional salespeople) who disguise product placements into their daily routine as they pretend to be a family.  This so called family moves into a wealthy neighborhood and go to work.  Would you question the new neighbors who seem to be a perfect husband and wife with two great kids that are open and friendly to everyone!  I would be sold hook, line and sinker, especially after they invite me over to play with their toys and give me a beer!!!!

I’ve never thought about taking stealth marketing to this extreme, though why not?  Go out and hire the perfect looking salespeople to work together and pretend they’re a family.  They get to showcase everything from clothes, jewelry, food, furniture, golf clubs, cars – you name it, they can use undercover marketing to promote it and then utilize the ripple effect to intensify the market penetration.  The salespeople have a great time living the high life and make a few bucks doing it while their employer measures their sales and constantly work with manufactures to determine what else needs to be included in the mix.

This ties in perfectly the real notion of “keeping up with the Joneses” and all you’re really doing is an extreme type of targeted marketing.  Yeah, your ethics may be called into question and you’re leading the life of lie, though you’ll have fun doing it!!!

So, I’m more curious to find a company that actually does this and what ROI they see!!!

Here’s the trailer for the movie and it’s worth seeing….


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