Have you guys seen those little square boxes with patterns on the bottom of advertisements and wondered what they were?  They’re called “Quick Response Codes” or QR codes for short and they are a type of Matrix barcode that allow you to use your smart phone to scan them and get a tremendous amount of info by directing you to a web address, text, phone number or SMS that the advertiser has chosen.

The best part is, you can go online and create a QR Code for free on sites like Kaywa QR Code.  All you need is a web address, text, phone number or SMS and you can enter this into the content field and create your own unique QR Code to use on your advertisements or even business cards!!

There’s a huge potential for using QR codes because you’re simplifying your customers method to get more information about either you or your product by allowing them to easily scan the QR code which takes a second rather then having to seek you out on the web or having to write down your info to research it later.

As you get more advanced, you can use different QR Codes on different forms of advertising so that you can track which forms are successful by the click through of the QR Code.

Here’s a quick YouTube video to give you a few more details….