It’s refreshing to experience great customer service once in awhile and we were pleasantly surprised when we contacted Keurig because our coffee maker had died.

The challenge was that we didn’t have the original packing or receipt, though when we talked to Janet, our Keurig customer service representative, she hooked us up!! Janet asked us a few questions and even though the coffee maker was outside of its one-year warranty, she arranged to have a brand new coffee maker delivered to our house a few days later free of charge. The icing on the cake was that Janet informed us that if we registered online with Keurig, we would also be eligible for 2 boxes of free K-Cups!

Sometimes you just have to reach out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! This interaction sheds some light into a Keurig’s customer service philosophy and how they’ve empowered their reps to quickly solve problems and provide solutions. Because of this, we’ve already told this story to multiple people and can’t help but spread the cheer of Keurig – even if the little K-Cups arn’t the cheapest way to enjoy a cup of coffee!!


And since we’re on the topic of coffee, here are two great Starbuck commercials to get you in the mood…