Every time I catch myself using the word impossible or I hear someone else saying it, I remember the words of a friend that I met from India while I was backpacking through Europe.

A bunch of us at a hostel in Berlin had decided to grab a bite to eat and the interesting thing about backpacking is that you meet a lot of random people along the journey that become best friends pretty quickly because you’re all in the same boat – In a new city with no other friends and you’re stuck with each other to make the most of it!!!

As we were eating dinner I said that something was impossible – I forget exactly what, though I do remember my new friend commenting, “Why is it that you American’s always use the word impossible?  How can you be for certain that whatever it is will not happen?”

I had never thought about it this way.  We normally say that it’s going to be impossible to pass a class, or impossible to get a certain job or impossible to meet the women of your dreams.  Though, as with everything, as time passes we find that a lot of times we move closer and closer to our goals and if we really put our mind to it – we accomplish the impossible.

So the next time that you catch yourself saying that something is impossible – take a moment and ask yourself – “Is it really impossible or are you just setting yourself up for defeat?”

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.“ – Walt Disney


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