The joys of being an ENTP – Let me count the ways….

First off, for those of you that don’t know about the Myers Briggs Personality assessment, click here and the below will make a little more sense….

I love being an ENTP and the link above fits me to the tee!!!  I’m quick on my feet when it comes to thinking up creative ideas or innovative solutions and I love taking on new challenges and learning new things.  I love delving into conversations and topics that I may or may not know anything about and then learning enough so I can challenge the assumptions, which then help me learn even more about it.  I also enjoy analyzing processes to figure out how to eliminate them or at least make them more efficient and enjoyable.  There’s no reason for life to be so complex and monotonous – Let’s spice it up, have a good time and get into a bit of shenanigans while making the most out of the situation or adventure!!!

Ahhhh, the disadvantage about always looking towards the next horizon is that I’m not the best for following through will all of my ideas and plans!!  Luckily I’ve learned this early on through reading tons of books  (okay, listening to them because I’m always looking to stay active) from the likes of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill & Brian Tracey which stress setting goals following the S.M.A.R.T method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound).  Additionally, I got PMP (Project Management Professional) certified because I figured if one of my weaknesses is not seeing my ideas through to fruition, I should at least have a mythology set up and in place so that the others on my team will reach the objective while I’m off visualizing new ideas and even loftier ambitions!!  And one of the things that I love the most about being an ENTP – most people think we’re on something because we’re normally always smiling and making the best out of the situation and juggling about a hundred things at once!!

Another great thing about ENTP’s is that we’re always looking to feed our brains with new ideas, which means we’re continually learning and challenging the things that we have learned.  I think this helps us realize our shortfalls and work to make up for them, though I can certainly see where we may be a bit insensitive because an ENTP always feels there’s a logical explanation and conclusion, though there are a lot of things in life (and silly other personality types) that beg to differ!!!

It’s funny, as I write this I can see why others may think we’re a bit loony because I have a thousand different thoughts going on in my head about what else I should add, though I’m betting that most of you are thinking that I’m rattling on so I’ll wrap it up with this….

Drop me a line and I would love to chat more over a drink or I’ll be happy to meet you in the surf or on the slopes for a bit of fun – Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff and let’s get together and come up with some ideas on how to share a smile and make this world a better place!!!


PS – If you’ve read this far, I’m betting you’re as in to personality assessments as I am and another great resource is Sally Hogshead’s {F} Score Brand Personality Test… Click here –  ( ) – My primary trigger is Rebellion, my secondary trigger is Passion and my dormant trigger is Trust

PPS – Hope you’re smiling and having a great day!!!