“I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.” –George Washington

It’s President’s Day here in the States and I saw this quote that reminded me of my grandfather who early on decided that he didn’t want to be confined by the walls of an office and instead he wanted to feel the earth between his fingers.

Luckily he choose the later because growing up he taught me countless lessons and provided me with a playground of machines and construction sites to go out and explore and learn from.

The amazing thing is, my grandfather had a unique way in teaching us things – actually, I never even realized that he was teaching me anything until years later when I reflected on it.  Patience, creativity and an enduring passion to help others are just some of the virtues he was able to instill in me and I just have to smile because he taught me these without ever having to say it, though instead by living them and gently providing his guidance when he could see I was stuck on something.


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