Providing funding for Awesome things!!

Through a foundation that provides no strings attached $1000 grants to projects and their creators to forward the interest of awesomeness in the universe!!  A foundation that takes advantage of Guerrilla Funding to help support multiple mini projects for good!

Well, here is the answer — The Awesome Foundation which consists of a handful of loosely connected groups in the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland and a few other countries that have formed various chapters that are made up of 10 volunteers who each offer $100 a month towards the grants, aka “Awesome Fellowship”.  The awards are offered monthly and applicants can apply by filling out a quick application that only asks three questions.

“It really started as joke,” says Tim Hwang, who created the concept in Boston in 2009 not long after graduating from Harvard University. “I wondered what would happen if there was a group with the mandate to fund projects that ‘forwarded the interest of awesomeness in the universe’ and people could just pitch ideas.”

So far projects have ranged from the serious like solving human needs problems to “Poo Power” and  “Come out and Play”.

“The Awesome Foundation’s approach makes it easy and fun for people to contribute to their communities by bringing together a smart, networked group of people and giving away money,” says John Bracken.

Here is yet another example of a simple idea that can help jump start the next “Awesome” thing!!

Here’s a short TED Talk that explains it in a bit more detail…


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