Okay, maybe not exactly!!  Google has named their new (okay, it’s been around for about a bit) search algorithm “Panda”.  It reorganized the way Google ranks their search results and thus is helping leveling the playing field and preventing organizations from “gaming” the system.

Google understands the importance of customer engagement and feedback signals and has improved their search algorithms to tell if the content is current, amusing, provides a different or new point of view and even how interesting is would be to the reader.  Google has done this by combining user signals, metrixs, & machine learning to allow Google to judge sites better and get you better search results.

Websites used to be able to rely on traditional tools like –

  • Keyword research
  • Title Tags
  • Writing good content
  • Making it accessible to search engines
  • Building Links


Though, now Google also cares about –

  • Love?
  • Share?
  • Link to?
  • Bookmark?
  • Trust?
  • How current?

This is a serious blow to websites that used Content Farms to improve their page ranks and now sites have to get back to building communities that provide real value for their users and really take a look at their web strategies….

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