So, now that you’re working on getting your business listed in the online directories that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, let’s take a look at Facebook and why it makes sense to set up a Facebook Business Page.

For starters, Facebook has over 845 million users and it’s still growing!! This will give you access to a wide array of users in all age groups and demographics.  Setting up your business page is extremely easy and you can easily link it to your website. Click here to learn more about setting up your Facebook Business Page…

You can also grant others admin access so that you can have multiple people within your company updating the page and responding to different enquires and questions.

A Facebook Business page will allow you to have (or continue having) a dialog with your customers to learn more from them and be part of their world and conversations.  Just as word of mouth has always been essential in your traditional marketing approach, it’s becoming even more important in the world of social media!

Best of all, your Facebook Business page will appear in web searches so it helps to promote your business and get you higher rankings so your customers (and potential customers) can find you quicker!!

And an added bonus is how easy it is to upload and manage both photos and videos, which you can use to showcase what you have to offer in timely and relevant manner.

Enjoy the below video to give you a few more reasons….


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