Some may say that Frans Hofmeester had a bit too much time on his hand when he diligently videoed snippets of his daughter growing up every week for the past 12 years, though his creation is brilliant.

He put together these short clips (around 600) to show how his daughter Lotte has changed over the years in a video that is a little under 3 minutes long.  It’s one thing to get the idea, though it’s another to actually follow through with the creation and it’s amazing how such a simple idea can make such a profound statement.

What ideas have you been working on?  What have you started, though haven’t had the motivation to complete? As the old saying goes – “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  Break up your goals into bite size little pieces and enjoy them along the way.  Before you know it you’ll be ordering your second elephant, heck, even Frans saw though potential and started filming snippets of his son Vince since the day he was born and he’s now 9 years old!

Here’s the video – Enjoy…


PS – I can just imagine the field day he’s going to have with all of this video when his kids bring their first date over!!

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