“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.” – Bryan Weiner

A lot of people are asking how they can better utilize all of the online tools they keep hearing about and below are some quick pointers to get you started.

Though before we get started, remember that these online tools should not be used as a stand-alone marketing tactic. The key is to align your digital marketing strategy with other more traditional marketing. Your digital marketing should amplify your program, not become the program. Although digital media is inexpensive, it can’t be the only way to market your business. No matter how often you post to Facebook, there’s a good percentage of people you won’t reach online. Although this newer medium is pushing forward and quickly, other marketing channels are still needed to reach your whole audience.

While Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Blogs are useful digital media tools, there are also many other established sites that you need to register your business on to ensure you get the maximum exposure and thus, high page ranking when people search online for your services.

For starters, spend some time registering your business on the following sites.  It’s easy and going to seem repetitive, though it’s important to take the time now to get this out of the way…

This is a good starting point and I’ll continue to provide tips on how to promote your business and make the most out of digital media….


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