For most small businesses, getting paid as soon as possible is the difference between staying a float and sinking.  I remember when I ran my landscaping company it was always a challenge to make payroll in the beginning of the spring when we started the season because we had to wait until the end of the month to send out the invoices.

Technology is now allowing us to make it easier for the customer to pay at the point of service with their credit/debit care with the ability to turn your mobile device into a credit card terminal.  You used to have to rent a credit card terminal and pay some hefty fees to accept credit cards, though now you can use your smart phone to accept payment anytime and anywhere!!

For instance, you can install one of a handful of payment apps right to your smart phone and most services offer some type of mobile card reader, which attaches to your smart phone and then you’re ready to go.

The advantage to adding a credit/debit card payment option is that you can get paid instantly avoiding having to spend the time and delay of invoicing and clearing payments.  In addition, many of your customers will appreciate the advantages of paying with their credit card/debit card instead of having to right a check or carry around cash.

Check with your bank to see what options they offer and here are a few of the major players you may want to consider:

Before signing a contract with a provider, here are a few things to compare: service fees, per transaction fees, swipe fees, keyed in fee, monthly minimum, set up fee, security, credit cards accepted, customized receipts, ease of use, and mobile reader fees

There’s no reason to be wasting time chasing payments when you should instead be concentrating improving your business!!!

In future blogs we’ll look at the mobile services in more detail and offer suggestions to overcome the uncertainty of utilizing new technologies….


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