Happy Sunday!!

Last night I was at my cousins wedding enjoying the best man speeches (yup, there were two) and it got me to thinking about how challenging it is to captivate your audience whether your speaking at a wedding, in a boardroom or just about anywhere else.

Too many people miss the point when they get the microphone in their hand – they ramble on and on and the audience quickly looses interest.  Instead, get the audience involved and convey your passion with stories and antidotes that the audience can relate with.  Once you make the audience part of speech, they know have a vested interest in it along with you.

Take a look at the following youtube clip by Andy Andrews were he is able to convey his message about things that hold you back in life by telling a story in such a passionate way that you cant help but question what is holding you back from achieving your goals…

Andy Andrews – Hernando Cortez & Burn the Boats