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It’s hard to find a business that doesn’t prize word-of-mouth. However, many organizations don’t fully realize the extent to which word-of-mouth is now on the web.

As customers prowl store aisles, they use their smart phones to check your products and prices against competitors. When someone needs a product, they are just as likely to go look online as they is to ask a friend about it. Before hiring just about anyone, a potential customer will research them by perusing their website, blogs and any other information they can uncover via the net.

This initial guide focuses on the foundation of your digital presence, an effective website. In rapid succession, creating a web presence has shifted from a nice-to-have, to a crucial task, to the fundamental way businesses of all size interact with customers and potential customers. To get started, let’s take a look at our “Setting up a Website” presentation which will help you set up a web hosting account, secure a domain and build a website utilizing WordPress.

Click through the SlideShare to find out where to get started and how to build the backbone of your Digital Web Presence!!


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