The joys of facebook – It allows us to share photos, keep up with our friends, play games, enjoy the latest viral videos, and save lives.  What, save lives?

You got it, Facebook has introduced a new status update that allows you to share for the world to see that you’re an organ donor.  The best part about this is that it makes it extremely easy to sign up to be an organ donor in your state if you’re not already one with a few simple clicks.  And for those of you that already are, now you can proudly share it, which will hopefully encourage a few others to do the same and on and on it goes….

This is a simple idea that can help the over 100,000 people here in the US that are waiting for a donated organ.  This move by facebook harnesses the power of its platform and social media to educate and spread the word that each one of us has the chance to be a true hero and save someone else’s life!! I’ve always been proud when someone has looked at my drivers license and noticed I’m an organ donor – Now I have the chance to let all of my friends know and I’m hopeful it will convince a few more to step up to the plate and do the same….

You can start the process by clicking here and here’s an interview that explains it a bit more



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