Empowering passion

s there something you desperately need? Your
sense of desperation and your need will work against you, and will make it even
more difficult to attain what you're after.

By very definition, whatever you need you do not have. When you continually
reinforce the idea that you do not have something, you continually push that
thing away from yourself.

Replace your desperate need with a passionate desire. That will frame your
situation in a much more positive, powerful perspective.

With desperation, you feel like giving up. With passion, on the other hand, you
create the energy to move decisively forward.

With need, you feel an emptiness that drains your every moment. With desire,
you constantly motivate yourself to create fulfillment.

Let go of your needs, for they will only keep you needy. Replace them with
positive desires, and feel the empowering passion that will make those desires

— Ralph Marston