Happy Sunday –

What do you do when you come to a problem, when you hit a brick wall or when you just cant figure out a solution?  Do you have the patience and perseverance to push through them?

I remember a wise thing that my grandfather taught me when I used to own my landscaping business years ago.  It was a steamy summer day and i was working on a mower gearbox on one of my large commercial machines and I just couldn't figure out why the gearbox wasn't sitting properly into place.  I had spend hours rebuilding it and trying to line it up, though i was having no luck and getting frustrated.

My grandfather had come into the shop and asked what i was working on.  He suggested that maybe i should put it down for a bit and get out of the hot & humid shop and enjoy a cool glass of Iced Tea with him. I chatted with him for a bit about the projects that i had coming up and then decided to get back to the mower because i needed it for the next day.  The strange thing is, when i picked up the tools and got back work, i was able to get the gearbox in with no problem!!  Those few minutes were enough to allow me to see the problem from a different perspective and easily move forward with the job ahead of me.

My grandfather certainly knew this, though if he were to come out and suggest i try to look at the problem from a different perspective, I would have never appreciated it or actually done it because i had spent hours working on the machine and of course i would have already thought about all of the possible solutions!! So instead, he got my mind off of the problem in a much simpler manner – He got me out of the shop!

Whether it be a project your working on or a personal issue you're getting through, some times you need to get out of the forest to actually see it.  You need to have the patience to understand the big picture and the perseverance to continue to your goals because you're never going to see the forest when you're actual walking through it.

One thing that we can certainly be thankful for is the following people had the patience and perseverance to continue past their failures and you can certainly do the same…