Blogging – Why would I do that!!  (WordPress for Dummies) - Giddyup Enterprises

If you want to get found on the Internet you’re going to need relevant and up to date content for Google and other search engines to find you and a blog provides this!!

And of course, a blog offers your existing and future customers important information about your organization!!

A few key points about blogs:

  • They can act as the foundation for all of your Digital Media Activities and provide an easy and quick way to set up a website using a free service like WordPress.
  • Builds you as an expert.
  • Builds Trust.
  • Exercises your creativity.
  • Growing stream of Organic Search Engine Traffic because it is continually giving your website current content.

To get started, review our “Blogs” SlideShare presentation below which will help you get a better idea of how to set up and navigate your WordPress website & Blog.


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