Table Top Computers

Table Top Computers

I was reading an interesting thread about the future of traditional print media and someone posted an interesting link to a “Tap Table”, which is a coffee table that contains a 19” touch screen built into it.  The direction of the thread talked about how the world of print is quickly moving into the digital formats and this “Tap Table” looks to be one of the innovations leading the way.

Many of us have a normal routine to stop in for a coffee and some breakfast at a local shop and pick up the paper or whatever magazines are lying around to browse.  The “Tap Table” will allow us to access pretty much any publication and have update info along with links to other associated articles at our fingertips. And a side benefit will be that the owner of the shop wont have to worry what he should subscribe to or cleaning up the newspapers / magazines after people are done with them.

I’ve seen a lot of tabletop devices in their prototype phases that are going to really make things interesting and it looks like the “Tap Table” may actually be making this into a reality!!  It’s still far off from smart tabletops highlighted in the video below, though it’s a step in the right direction. We’re going to be soon seeing them as part of conference tables, in schools and even your own coffee table at home!

Click on the video to get a taste of what’s to come…


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