Top of the morning to you all!!

So, today is the day to see if little Henry III is up to the challenge some of his fellow fighters challenged him with last week as he prepared for his 40 Mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Walk this weekend in NYC.


I thought that the 40 mile walk would be no problem and to prove it, not only would I complete the 40 mile walk with a smile, I would also participate in our fire department drill tonight and then for giggles, knock out a mile on the high school track after the drill in full turnout gear sometine around 9pm!!!


Well, I’ve finished the walk and I was hurting on Saturday after the marathon portion, though on Sunday I got back up to finish the walk.  I’m still a bit sore though will have no problem knocking off the mile tonight!!!


So – we shall see & we’ll keep you all posted!!!!


And here’s an update on the final results of the survey…


1.      Do you think little Henry III can complete the 40 Mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this weekend in NYC?

a. Yes: 91.3%

b.      No: 8.7%

2.      How much pain do you think little Henry III will be feeling after the 40 Avon Mile Walk for Breast Cancer in NYC this weekend?

a.       None:8.7%

b. A little: 17.4%

c.       A lot: 30.4%

d.      Not able to move: 30.4%

e.       Band Aid Bunny here I come: 13%

3.      How many bars do you think little Henry III will be able to visit during the 40 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this weekend?

a.       There was a bunch of different picks on this one with 10 bars receiving the most votes at 34.8% and the 2nd most was 6 bars at 17.4%.  I slacked off a bit and only hit 4 bars on the route!!!

4.      Will little Henry III be smart enough/coordinated enough to set up his tent for the Saturday night Avon Camp out on Rendell’s Island, NYC on Saturday evening?

a.       Yes: 65.2%

b. No: 34.8% (I actually had to rely on the girl scouts because I was in too much pain on Saturday night when we first got back from the walk!!!)

5.      Will little Henry III be able to participate in his fire department’s regular drill on the Tuesday night following the 40 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer which will involve searching large open areas on his hands & knees and carrying dummies to safety?

a. Yes: 45.5%

b.      No: 54.5%

6.      Will little Henry III be able to complete the challenge that was presented to him by some of his brother firefighters to complete a mile on the track in full fireman’s turnout gear with air bottle (an extra 60 to 70lbs) in less than a ½ hour after his fire department drill on Tuesday night?

a.       Yes: 45.5%

b.      No: 54.5%

7.      Are you asking yourself why you actually took the time to complete this survey?

a.       Yes: 73.9%

b.      No: 26.1%


I hope you’re all having a great day!!!