Happy Monday…


Many of you have asked me about the primary’s coming up this
Tuesday 6/8 and who I’m supporting and for those of you that live near the high
school, you may have even seen my name on the ballet for a county committee


So, here’s my 2 cents worth…


It’s extremely important that you and your families get out
and vote because we need to ensure that we have business minded individuals
representing our town who are proactive in forming partnerships with
organizations that are or will become a good tax ratable for our town.
Just as important as this, we need individuals who show high moral character
and do not succumb to lower their standards to try and win an election!!


*** Township Committee (Two positions):

Ken Schleifer – I’ve known Kenny for many years through the
fire department and he has a true understanding of how business operates and
what is needed to form lasting relationships which allow him to achieve his
goals in a manner beneficial to all parties involved. For more info, click here…


Ron Francioli – I’ve come to know Ron more recently as he’s
been an instrumental part of the relocation of our firehouse.  The
dedication and insight he has shown has been invaluable and through this
experience, I can understand why he’s been elected to the NJ Mayors Hall of
Fame!! For more info, click

*** County Committee***


(This is a
committee which allows our town’s voices to be heard on the County, State and
National level): Two positions for each district in Hanover (1
male / 1 female) Maria & I are running for our district #6 (people who
vote at WPHS)



Henry Hansch III – Yup, that’s me and if you want to know more
about me, click here…


Maria Renner (Write in vote needed)The new
comer and here’s a quick bio –
She’s currently active on the Hanover
Economic Development Advisory Committee as well as the Boards of the Morris
County Economic Development Corporation, New Jersey Aviation Association and
the Morristown Aviation Association. She’s been working at Morristown Airport for
almost 19 years and is the Sr. Director of Operations and Government Affairs.
Since she is a Hanover resident and works at the airport that is actually
located in our Township, she has strived for striking a balance between the
quality of life for the residents and the economic opportunities that the
airport can bring. And on top of this she has a 6 year old in our school system
so she’s very in tune with what our youth need!!!  Unfortunately , we did
not file a petition for Maria so this is why we have to do a write in. For more
info about Maria, click


Note: In order for you to cast a “write in” vote for
Maria, you need to go to the write in section of the Republican County Committee
(FEMALE) and then type in “Maria Renner”.  The name will display to the
left of the keyboard and when you are finished, press enter. I know, I know –
It’s a bit of a challenge – though I have faith you can remember this and not
break the voting machine!!!!