G’day all –


As you know, we’re approaching the Whippany Fire Department
Commissioner Election coming up this Saturday, Feb 20th from 2-9pm
at the Whippany Fire House.  Many people have come up to me and asked my
opinion on who I’m going to be voting for.  It’s a tough choice because we
have 3 very qualified candidates – We have a past chief, a wizard of numbers
and an extremely successful local business owner who understands what it takes
to manage an organization.


In looking forward for what is best for both our fire department
and the town overall, we need visionaries who will be able to move the
department forward using sound business principles in a finically fiscal manner
and not let past events or grudges hold us back.  This is why I’m voting for
Bob Johnston and new comer, Michael Mihalko.


Bob has been on the department for over 22 years and a fire
commissioner for 9 years.  The most important attribute that Bob brings to
the department is his 30 years of business and accounting experience which the
department greatly needs during these challenging economic times.  We will
needs Bob’s knowledge of accounting principles to help us stay on budget and
bring the concept of a new fire house to fruition.


Michael is the successful owner of A Party Pleasing Rental and
his recently opened store, Elite Party Rentals.  Michael has the education
and knowledge to help the Fire Department successfully position itself to meet
the changing environment that the fire service has to operate.  His
experience in making the most of limited resources and his unique ability to
understand the future consequences of his decisions will be a key part to
moving the department forward. On top of this, he will bring a fresh
perspective from outside of the fire service to help us meet the challenges our
fire department is currently working through. To help you get to Michael a bit
better, I have attached his bio below…


Please, spread the word and get out and vote this Saturday and don't forget to vote yes for the budget!!!



Henry Hansch III

Whippany Fire Department – Commissioner



From: joseph
mihalko [mailto:jsmihalko@msn.com]


Dear Whippany Residents,


My name is Michael Mihalko and I am running for Fire Commissioner
of Whippany Fire District #2. 


The election will be held at the Whippany Fire House, 440 Route
10, Whippany this  Saturday Feb, 20th from 2:00pm until 9:00pm.
This election is open to all Whippany residents.


When I announced that I was running for Fire Commissioner, people
asked me two questions. First, what is a Fire Commissioner? Second, why do I
want to be one?


To answer the first, the Board of Fire Commissioners (there are 5)
are trusted citizens of Whippany elected to manage the day to day business of
the Fire Department. Their responsibilities include allocation of funds
generated through taxes, hiring of career firefighters and overall operations
of the department.


The answer to the second question is slightly more involved. I
have always felt a kinship to the Fire Department.  I remember fondly as a
child tagging along with my father, a past Commissioner and member for over 40
yrs, attending many of the paper drives, softball games and parades. Throughout
the years I have stayed in contact with the WFD, helping out however I could.
In addition to my father, and now oldest brother Joseph Jr., I have many
friends on the department doing their part. Now, I am able to do mine!


With the skills I have learned in my 20+ years of owning,
operating and growing my own successful business, along with my degree in
Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University, I can bring practical business,
management, and financial skills as well as an open mind to the Board of Fire


This is an exciting time to be involved in the Whippany Fire
Department. Embracing the heritage and traditions of our past, we look toward
our future and the planning of a new firehouse. I would like to continue the
good management and fiscal responsibility demonstrated by our predecessors. I
look forward to the opportunity to serve the residents of Whippany and greatly
appreciate your support.



Michael A Mihalko


Short Bio:

Lifelong Whippany resident 42 yrs (fourth generation)

Married Andee Morozowsky in 1999

Two daughters Katie & Mary – Both attending Bee Meadow School

Graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BS in Finance

Began working for A Party Pleasing Rental in 1984 purchased
company in 1992

Assistant soccer coach at Memorial Junior School 1988-1990

Head wrestling coach at Memorial Junior School 1990-2005

Opened a second store – Elite Party Rentals – Long Valley – 2003