Hansch Landscaping

Founder, Owner, & Operations Manager

A little bit about where I started – Hansch Landscaping

Built & sold a highly successful company (Hansch Landscaping) from the ground up – began with only an idea.

As owner of Hansch Landscaping I had to clearly articulate objectives to all employees to ensure we were delivering a consistent, high-quality service to our customers.  Since I could not be at every job site, two-way communication was vital and strongly encouraged.  At the start of each work day, I discussed the schedule and goals.  I also took time to listen and understand the challenges facing my people.  Explaining to employees their important role in the business resulted in their proactive involvement, as opposed to simply following orders.  As a result of employee suggestions, we were able to better plan and perform the work, thereby increasing efficiency while also improving both customer and employee satisfaction.  I learned that when people understand the big picture they become far more motivated, and this translates directly to improved results. 

I have learned that involving key people in the decision-making process, and utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to identify key issues and apply a solution, significantly increases the likelihood of a win-win outcome.  Employees feel empowered to get involved, which leads to greater accomplishments and greater commitment.  I have found that when the viewpoints of all employees are communicated and considered, the best results are achieved.

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will” –Vernon Howard

What did I learn starting and owning a business?


I look at owning my own company in a little different way then what contributions am I most proud of, instead I consider Hansch Landscaping to be one of my most significant overall achievements because it has taught me first-hand what it takes to own and operate a business. It has taught me that hard honest work and sticking to your core values is what is needed to succeed. I built the business from the ground up, and every year was able to grow the business, while at the same time streamlining its operations to run more efficiently and effectively.

Hansch Landscaping gave me the opportunity to utilize and expand my management skills through interactions with different people, from employees to customers to suppliers. It taught me the importance of developing business relationships, and treating all people with respect. I have found that there is a great deal that can be learned from others if you take the time to listen to their thoughts and ideas. Hansch Landscaping also taught me that various management and communication skills are needed in different types of situations and with different people, and there is no one size fits all approach. I also learned the importance of planning ahead and dealing with difficult situations as they arise. I have found that the longer you wait to solve the problem, the worse it gets.