Happy Sunday –

I posted the link to the Daily Record article on Facebook earlier this week and here's a PDF of the article and all of the photos (Yup, we looked good!!) of a recent story on my fire department – The Whippany Fire Department….

The fire service is unique where it has a brotherhood that extends beyond borders and can be felt in most areas around the world.  I saw how evident this was when we marched in the 9/11 parade in NYC.  It was cold and stormy day when we boarded the train in our dress blues to go into the city.  The train was a sea of blue which was to be expected, though what we experienced when we got off the train was simply amazing and a true feeling of what we're all about.

We got off the train and headed up the stairs in Penn Station where we were surrounded by firefighters from around the world.Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and South America firefighters used their vacation time and paid their way to honor the 343 firefighters that made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11.

The fire service is unique in the way that you never know what you're going to respond to – though its the fire department that will always come up with a way to solve the problem and move forward.  This same thought process should be carried out in all things – you need to be proactive with your actions and not sit on the side lines while you watch your life pass you bye….


PDF of the story with pictures… Download WFD-DailyRecord-Generations of History-Nov 2009

Link to the Daily Record Article: Generations of History