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Head of Marketing

A little bit about my role at Advantage Business Marketing

I held a few different roles at Advantage over my 7 years which ultimately led to heading up the marketing group in an organization transitioning from the traditional world of publishing and media into the modern landscape of digital marketing. In this role, I managed a team to develop personas, customer journeys, and execute full marketing initiatives for both our internal outreach and our client campaigns.  

My team’s approach is always insight-driven to ensure that we are reaching the right audience, at the right moment, with the right message. Even with over 3000+ campaigns and 300K+ MQL’s generated, we’re still learning more every day and continue to improve and try new tactics.


Leads Generated



“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty of eighty.” – Henry Ford

A little about Advantage:


It all starts with an idea…
…and somewhere in a lab, a scientist, engineer, architect or other visionary sketches her thoughts on a tablet or notepad.
Then he gets totally inspired…and the process of innovation begins.
Teams are formed—and company culture, resources and market intelligence merge to create something truly innovative and visionary and, ultimately, market disruptive.

This is how ideas become realities and dreams become products.  

Manufacturing is a big, clunky word that makes us think of machines and conveyor belts. But the process of creating the commodities that keep the world in motion each day is far more exciting than the word lets on. That’s why Advantage Business Marketing realigned our content offerings; to capture and relate the stories behind the goods and technologies that run our lives.

The infographic below illustrates the ways that the existing Advantage publications mesh within the five pillars of R&DLaboratory, and Industrial Distribution. Cutting-edge data collection and analysis gives Advantage the edge to deepen our dive into these content areas, while simultaneously allowing us to present this great content to a wider audience base.



The Five Pillars

InnovationHow ideas begin and research moves forward… – Led by R&D, this pillar serves research scientists, engineers, and technical staff members of government, academic, and industrial laboratories around the world. The R&D site will now feature content from Controlled Environments, Drug Discovery & Development, Pharmaceutical Processing, and Scientific Computing. Special areas of interest also include the annual R&D 100 Awards & Conference and the Global Funding Forecast.

DiscoveryWhere teams build on ideas and discovery happens… – Led by Laboratory Equipment, this pillar serves the laboratory professionals behind the development and testing of new products and discoveries. The Laboratory Equipment site will now feature content from Bioscience Technology, ALN, and Laboratory Design. This includes content and news from the annual Laboratory Design Conference and Lab of the Year Awards. 

Design: Where engineers build the prototypes that test the limits… – Led by ECN, this pillar serves design and product development engineers from cable and medical to electronic components. The ECN website will now feature content from Product Design & Development, Wireless Design & Development, Medical Design Technology, CED, and Wireless Week.

Manufacturing: Where products come to life… – Led by, this pillar serves the manufacturers, production managers, facility managers, operations departments, IT sectors, and financial professionals who support the world of manufacturing. The site will now feature content from Food Manufacturing, IMPO, Manufacturing Business Technology, and

Distribution: How final products are delivered to consumers… – Led by Industrial Distribution, the final pillar focuses on industrial distributors of all sizes, and reaches out to facility, operations, logistics, and supply chain professionals. In addition to regular content, Industrial Distribution will release four research reports, including The Big 50, annually.