Whippany Resident:

The time has come. The Whippany Fire Company is planning the
construction of a new firehouse. It was
not an easy decision. The current firehouse
is nearly one hundred years old. It has
been a fixture on Route Ten for nearly a century and has served many functions
in addition to housing the Whippany Fire Company. The firehouse holds many traditions and
memories. It has served its members and
the Whippany community well. But it’s
time for a change.

There comes a point in time where it no longer makes
sense to fund repairs and renovations on a building that is nearly one hundred
years old. Consider the realities of
being located in a flood zone, inefficiencies of old construction in terms of
heating and cooling costs, and the risks of being located within fifteen feet
of a major highway, and the answer becomes crystal clear. It’s time for a new location and a new
firehouse. Through the efforts of a
relocation committee, a site for a new firehouse has been located on Troy Hills
Road, next to the new CVS. Not far from
our old location, but miles away in terms of benefits.

Our goal is to make this happen with as little
financial impact on our community as possible.
It won’t be easy, but we will strive to make that happen. We have always been fiscally responsible with
funds and it’s our fiscal responsibility that has led us to this decision. If everyone capable in the community
contributes, we will gain the much needed funds to support our plan.

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, a member of the Whippany Fire
Company will knock on your door seeking your financial support. If you prefer, we have already sent a
self-addressed envelope for you to mail your donation to us and we will make
every effort not to disturb you on October 3. Another option is also to donate online via our website which can be access here: Whippany Fire Company Online Donation (Click here)

The Whippany Fire Company needs your financial
support. We cannot exist without
it. We have asked you in the past and
you have responded generously.
Unfortunately, we must ask you every year, because we rely on your
support. Please don’t think that we take
your support for granted. We never have
and we never will. Many times residents
ask us how much should be donated. We
ask, if it is within your means, that you please donate a minimum of $25. It’s a lot of money, but it’s only 49 cents
per week. Less than you would spend for
a newspaper. Please know that we
understand if you cannot donate at this level.

In addition to volunteering our time for fire and
rescue related activities, please also note that the Whippany Fire Company
fully funds the Elvin Watson Memorial Scholarship and administers the Guerin
Memorial Scholarship, which are both awarded to graduating Whippany Park High
School seniors each year.

forget, you can also support the Whippany Fire Company by becoming a new
member. Please call us anytime at
973-887-0100. You may also contact us at
www.whippanyfire.com. We would be
thrilled to hear from you. Even if you
think that you have little to share, everyone has something to contribute at
the firehouse.

Lastly, let us take this opportunity to thank
you. We may never ever get a chance to
thank you in person and we do not want you to think that your efforts have gone
unnoticed. We have always been proud to
serve you and look forward to serving you long into the future.


Officers and Members

Whippany Fire Company