“No one wants to hear you complain and for those that do, they are just happy you are worst off then them…”

Complaining is an interesting thing.  Some say that the squeaky wheel will get the grease, though do you really believe this.  How many times has your complaining really got you a genuine response?  Or has it been merely a response just to shut you up and move you along?

My take on complaining is that you have a set amount of time to complain about something – Let’s say a few weeks – and within those few weeks you either have to work to change what your complaining about or after the few weeks you have to realize that you can’t change a thing a move on from it and stop complaining about it.  Stop wasting your mental energy on something you can’t change!!!

I understand that there is some things that we complain about that are so large that a few weeks won’t make a difference, in these cases then you have to put in motion something that will eventually make a difference in what you are complaining about.

For example you can complain that you’re out of shape – then step up to the plate and start a simple walking routine before or after work and work your way up to a more intense work out.  Or for those of you that complain about your job – Start looking for different ways to obtain the skills needed to either advance in the position you are in now or look outside for different opportunities all together. Here is a link to three free online computer science classes from Stanford University…

We all our in charge of our own destiny and it’s up to each one of us to stop complaining that we don’t have the knowledge, money, opportunity, courage, etc – and instead start working towards getting what we want!!!

Stop complaining and start doing!!!