I’m still surprised at the amount of people who use their work email addresses as their personal email addresses because they don’t think they have any other options.  Or, the people who use their cable/phone services emails as their primary email….

For starters, you should always keep your work emails separate from your personal emails and most of the time using your work email for anything other then work violates the company’s email policy.  And for those of you that are using the email from you cable/phone provider, it may be fine and dandy now, though when you decide to cancel your service and move to a competitor, you now have to start over again and email your entire contact list and hope they update to your new email!!

There’s a really simple solution to avoid all of this.  Though before I get to it, I would like to mention that now’s the time to pick up your own domain with your name in it which will give you all of the email addresses you want, though I’ll get into that in another post.

Now back to the free options that you have – Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, iCloud, Zoho, AIM, Yahoo! – And this is just to name a few!!!  I started with Hotmail and since have moved over to Gmail, though they all offer a wide array of options and ever expanding storage sizes to accommodate all of your needs!!

Additionally, the free email accounts are easy to set up and most of the time have more options that your corporate email accounts or cable/phone email accounts!!!

So, do yourself a favor and take advantage of one of these free services, which will give you the piece of mind that you won’t have to worry about changing your email address in the future when either you find your dream job or decide that it’s outrageous to pay such exorbitant amounts to the cable/phone companies!!