When you get into your car and to go on a trip, what is one of the first things that you do?  Do you just wing it and start aimlessly driving down the road or do you plan out the route that you’re going to take to get you to your destination?

Today’s technology has changed this a bit with the use of GPS and in car navigation, though the key is that you still have to enter in the end destination that you’re going.  Either you or your GPS need to know where you want to get to or else you’re never going to get there!!!

If you’re willing to plan out or at least identify where you want to go when you get in your car, why not try this in your life.  Have you ever sat down and really thought about where you want to be next year, 5 years or even 25 years down the road?

The typical answer is that you want to be rich and have no worries, though how are you going to achieve this?  Will you achieve this by traveling on the same road that you’re on right now?  Do you need to alter your route or improve your engine so that it will get you to the destination that you want to arrive at 25 years down the road?

The concept of setting goals & objectives for your self is not new and countless people have discussed this in detail – Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Zig Zigler & Brian Tracey – just to name a few.  Just as we’ve improved our navigation in our car using GPS technology, why not use technology to achieve your life goals by using the internet to learn about the guru’s I’ve mentioned….

Enjoy this 10 step method by Brian Tracey to set and achieve your goals….