“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

Have you ever written a letter to Santa? Where do these letters go?? Does Santa receive them?

Well, Donna Leinwand Leger from the USA Today can shed some light on the subject in an article she recently wrote covering Operation Santa – “Letters to Santa reveal nation in need” which is the US Post Office’s way to help Santa get presents to those in need.  For the past 99 years, the US Post Office has been monitoring and answering some of the Santa letters and fulfilling the wish list!

Well, the US Post Office may not have actually gone out and supplied the toys & goodies, though they have supplied the resources to go through the letters to Santa and tried to connect some of them with volunteers who have offered to give the gifts and pay for the postage so that the presents could arrive to the children in the name of Santa!!!

I know the Post Office is in the headlines recently due to their poor financial performance and I certainly think they need to strongly evaluate their business model and reduce their delivery days, locations and work force while better utilizing technology – though I certainly hope the bean counters don’t cut services like Operation Santa that provide hope to those truly in need.

So, hats off to the chief of Elf Operations here in NY, Pete Fontana, and you can click on the following to find out some more about Operation Santa…