Happy Saturday!!!

I was reading WebFluence’s blog (my friend Paul’s consultant company) about how Google & Bing are changing the way they operate and are now going to start including recommendations from your social networks in their searches.  Yet another reason why a social presence online is so important!!!

What a great idea!!!  How many times do you google something and you get pages and pages of useless info that you dont know if you can trust or not.  Now you’ll be able to see your friends comments and recommendations when it comes to things that you’re searching.  And since these people are in your network, you’ll know what type of person they are and can then make a much better informed decision on whatever you were looking at!!  Or, you can shoot them a note for some more info – pretty cool!!!

So the next time you need to buy a TV, you’ll go ahead and google LED TVs and see that your friend Jim just bought a 55″ Samsung which he loves and then you may see your friend Lauren’s comments on a Sony that she didnt like.  You can take this info along with CNET’s review and then use price grabber to find you the best deal and you can rest assure that you know what you’re getting!!

If you want to see a bit more about this, check out Paul’s blog by clicking here:

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