Sometimes an idea can be so simple that it is overlooked by all of us until someone steps back to notice it’s potential!!

Here is a youtube clip highlighting how using an old plastic bottle can provide light to shanties that go without light due to high cost of electricity or in places where there is no electricity.   They have been able to reuse an old plastic soda bottle by filling it with water and a touch of bleach to create a light source in their dark homes utilizing the sun.  A hole is cut in the roof and the bottle is secured into the hole using a piece of corrugated iron to secure it and some caulk to prevent leaking.

Sunlight is then able to reflect through the water creating a 50 to 60 watt light source for free lighting up their home and workspaces.

Sometimes a simple idea can have a tremendous effect!!!!

(PS – Bleach is added to the water to prevent algae)