We’re on the eve of Santacon NYC and preparing for a fun day ahead of us!  From what I gather, the tradition started in the mid 90’s and has morphed into many different variations over the years.  Though simple put, it’s a bunch of Santa’s helpers dressed as Santa and his posse which spontaneously get together in cities around the world to have a great time spreading cheer and goodwill!!

Yeah, some may call it a Santa Bar Crawl, though I like to think of it as a way to start the holidays and spread some smiles as you see a sea of Santa’s merrily take the streets!!

How can you not smile when you see hundreds, and sometimes thousands of Santa’s in the park or walking down the street singing Christmas carols?  It’s events like these that remind us not to take life too seriously and have a good time!!  Not to mention it’s great for the local bars & restaurants which are kept busy all day along the route.


All and all is a great time and I highly recommend you coming out to enjoy it!!! It starts at 10AM in NYC and we look forward to seeing you there!!!