A simple smile goes a long way and every moment we have the choice on whether or not we want to use it.  Though, when you decide not to smile, you send a message to everyone around you and even yourself that your not satisfied with the situation – you send out a vibe expressing your contempt.

This has ripple effects.  Have you ever noticed that when you are thinking about buying a car or even after you have purchased the car – for some reason now it seems like everyone is driving the exact model that you’ve been thinking about.  Did everyone just go out and purchase one because they were thinking about it just like you, or is it because now you are more likely to notice them.

This same phenom happens with just about everything that captures our thoughts and imaginations.  Whether we started to notice everyone wearing a the Vibram 5 Finger Shoes that we’re about to buy or how we notice the numerous smiling & giggling toddlers running around the park because one of your close friends just had a baby.

You are a combination of your thoughts and if you choose to smile and enjoy the ride, then you will attract and find the smiles in others.  This may sound simple, though it all goes back to the Law of Attraction….