Personal Misison Statement

I will enjoy life the b est I can.  I will be as proactive as the circumstances allow and then try to surpass them.  I will take advantage of each and every moment of life and learn something from it.  I will make the best of what the situation provides.  I will not only think about things, I will accomplish them.  I will not be lazy. I will not let gossip consume me or jump to conclusions.  I will be involved.  I will think positive.  I will look for a win/win outcome.  I will cherish my family and friends.  I will help everyone I can and not forget those who have helped me.  I will use my imagination and dreams to be successful.  I will think of the glass as half-full and not be consumed by an imperfection. Box, what box? I will encourage others.  I will smile and do what I can to make oth ers smile. I will broaden my horizons by studying abroad.  I will marry a blonde.  I will leave a legacy of a good person, a person who cared about others, a person who loved life itself. I can accomplish anything. “Carpe Diem.”

H3 April 2000