Steven Levy wrote about Google’s desire to have their technology wired into humans in his book “In the Plex” and it looks like Google is getting one step closer.

Google is working on a pair of glasses (Project Glass), which will allow you to wear their technology and interact with them on the fly.  Can you imagine your favorite pair of shades equipped with this technology so that you can pull up info as soon as you think about it and have it appear within your line of site through visual reality?

There are numerous businesses cases which will push this development ranging from ease of communications to the ability of being able to focus on a item/person/location and easily have all of the information you need right in front of your.

And since I’m horrible with remembering names, I’m going to love the facial recognition software which will allow me to have all of a person’s info pop up when I see them so I wont be stuck searching for a name!!!  On a more serious note, imagine if the police had this technology so when they walk up to a car at a traffic stop, they can instantly know whom they are dealing with.  Or in my case as a fire fighter – our masks could have displays with all of the information we need including a GPS so we would know exactly where we are.  And the icing on the cake would be a built in thermal imaging ability so that we could see through the smoke!!

The possibilities are endless!!!

Here is the Google video on what’s to come….


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