Could it be a trick for Halloween or are we really getting snow this weekend??  According to the weather channel we have the potential for a snow storm to end out October and welcome the ghosts and gobblings for Halloween.

I’ve always loved the snow because it’s natures way of slowing our busy lives down. No matter who you are or what you do, a good snow storm equals out the playing field and traps us all in doors for a bit (hopefully you’re not traveling!!).  Actually, it’s even better when you get out and enjoy the snow and relive some of your childhood memories….

Then when it’s time to get out and clear the snow, it gives you a chance to see the neighbors that you rarely get to chat with because we’re all stuck in the same predicament – Clearing a path!!!

So, enjoy the first snowfall and smile at mother natures way of slowing us down and blanketing the landscape with a nice clean appeal.