Companies are continually fighting to get your attention and because of this, we ignore most of them.  Though, has carved a little niche for themselves by creating a fun little web application that has gone viral to kill a bit of time on the internet and give you a smile while you’re doing it.

Their web app is called and people normally receive an email from their friend to try it out.  It starts off by having you draw a stickman with your cursor and then the web application takes you through an interactive adventure. Hitcents has played their cards well by not slapping a huge advertisement on the site and instead only makes a small mention on the top right.

The average person we’ll get a kick out of the web application, pass it along to their friends for a laugh and move on. Though for someone who is interested, they’ll easily be able to click and see what is all about.  And since the web application has already wet their appetite for their creativeness on the web, now they consumer is a bit more open to what Hitcents has to offer and now Hitcents has another warm lead to capitalize on….

Check it out for your self by clicking on the below.


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