Happy Tuesday –

Everyone always says that you only have one shot to make a first impression, though do you really think this is the case?  We live in a world with organizations trying to grab our attention in every aspect of our life from the ads we see on facebook, to billboards driving down the road, to product placements in our favorite shows and movies.

Because of this, our attention span has been reduced to next to nothing which means that there’s a lot more weight in the notion that you only have one shot to make a good first impression which will hopefully lead to some type of follow up.

Sally Hogshead sums this notion up in her most recent talk at TED and relates it to something we all hear about – dating services!!  Sally is the author of an excellent book called Fascinate which I highly recommends where she discusses the 7 triggers of fascination (power, trust, mystique, prestige, vice, alarm and lust).

If you enjoyed Sally’s talk, why not take her “F Score” test to determine which triggers you use to fascinate: Click here….