A few months ago everyone was talking about Google + and what it’s all about.  Some were saying that it’s going to be the end of Facebook and others questioned why we need another social networking site.

At the end of the day, it’s just another tool in Google’s arsenal, which compliments their other services and allows the fine folks at Google to integrate them even closer into our daily lives.

Even if you don’t jump on board just yet, Google + is already changing the way we do business by making it more personal. Google worked their way into our vocabulary as the way to search for information and now their going to be able to make this information more relevant by including comments/reviews from people within our personal network.

It’s one thing to read an online review for a new product that you’re thinking about buying, though it’s another thing when you notice that 5 of the reviews our from your friends.  Because you already know their personalities, you can trust their reviews with out having to read though multiple reviews from people that you don’t know and maybe even written by the company or one of their competitors trying to give them a bad reputation!

Google has the uncanny ability to dream up / improve on services that we use in all parts of our lives and Google + is ready for “real life sharing, rethought for the web”

And for those of you that are going to resist, here’s a good video for you –

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