The Elephants in the sky that are here to make your life a bit easier by organizing it!!  Evernote allows you to store notes, pictures, websites, documents and voice messages via the cloud which can be accessed through your smartphone, computer or online anywhere and anytime!!

You can add notes to Evernote a bunch of different ways and one of my favorites is to take a picture of something I have to remember or a document that I need to save via my iPhone and then choose the notebook that I want it saved to.  From here, I have a bunch of different options of how I want to tag the note and what other options I want to use to index it, though simply put – it’s easily accessible from all of my devices!!  I use Evernote for everything ranging from organizing my mail, to doing research online and off line, to saving all of my receipts and important snail mail. Its simply interface and easy usability will certainly make it a must for you!!

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