Hansch Wedding – Key West 2013

What a magical adventure it’s been!!  Henry & Lauren love to keep life interesting and they certainly did down in Key West this past August when they not only got engaged, they also got married less then 24 hours later…

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Here’s the first video of four from the Key West Adventures of Henry & Lauren Hansch who decided to hijack their friend’s 30th b-day trip to Key West in August 2013 to kick it up a notch!!

Henry, Lauren, Shawn, Gina, Antony (Gina’s brother) and Gloria (Gina’s Mother) decided to take a trip to Key West to celebrate Gina’s 30th birthday with some fun and shenanigans.

As we had breakfast at the airport and Anthony joked, “Well that escalated quickly”, little did they know what type of adventure they were going to be in for!!

We’re going to start the adventure here, with the Haunted Key West Ghost Tour, which we decided to enjoy one evening. Like any good Haunted Ghost Tour, it starts off in a bar and we roamed the streets of Key West all evening hearing the dark and spooky stories of Key West.

This video starts off with the story of Count Von Cosel and his immortal love and ends with a surprise for Lauren at about 7 minutes in…

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The Key West Adventure continues… Last night Henry was feeling romantic and proposed to his lovely little blonde during a romantic summer stroll in Key West. Okay, maybe it was more like a dark alley across from the Key West Cemetery during a Haunted Ghost Tour, though who’s keeping track of these things??

So, the next day Henry & Lauren tell the gang that they should all go out in the evening to a great Rodizio place and celebrate the engagement!! As the day continues on and it gets closer to dinner, Henry & Lauren walk into the main house to gather the others up for a tasty dinner.

Though, as Lauren walks into the living room with a white dress, both Gina and Gloria look at us with a perplexed look…And this is when Henry mentions, “Ahhhh, we figured we would stop by the beach and get married before dinner. The rickshaws are outside and let’s grab a bottle of rum to celebrate!”

So, less then 24 hours after the engagement the bunch is on the way to the beach to get married and this is where the video starts off and where most of you had gotten about a 10 minute notice that we were about to get into some shenanigans and you guys should all tune into the live stream of the event!!

PS – We did make it to Braza Lena later that evening and we’re still smiling that both the Fiumara’s and Carlson’s figured out where we were going ordered us another 2 bottles of champagne on top of the one that the restaurant had for us – That’s why we love ya!!!

PPS – Sorry for the wind in the mics during the ceremony – Giddyup Enterprises should have planned better for the video and audio of this!!!

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Okay, so this video can’t top a Haunted Ghost Tour Engagement or a Wedding the next day on the beaches of Key West, though we wanted to throw it together from some of the shenanigans we got into before, during and after the wedding – And of course, returning back to NJ to home and office that just continued the shenanigans from friends who are the greatest and most cherished folks in our lives!!!

And silly me, I figured since the house was locked up and no one had any idea about what was going to go down while we were in Key West – we would escape any type of funny business!!! Yup, I was wrong……

(Video 4 of 4)

So, the first 3 videos walked you through the engagement, wedding and shenanigans, this video is the one that brings it all together!! Yeah, maybe we should have started off here, though we figured it was a lot more fun the other way around!!!

Here’s the Top Seven Recap of our Key West Wedding Shenanigans:
1) I need a Ring!!
2) Traveling down to Key West
3) Drinks, Shenanigans and Good Ole Key West fun
4) A Haunted Ghost Tour and Engagement
5) The Wedding on the Beach
6) Pool Time
7) Coming back to Jersey

Hope you enjoyed the Key West Adventure’s of Henry & Lauren and don’t worry – there’s going to be a lot more….

Here is the Live Stream video from Henry & Lauren getting married on the beach — It’s not the best quality, though what can you expect when you’re live streaming a wedding from Key West on the Beach!!  And don’t worry, more videos to come….

Some pictures from our wedding on the beach – 08.12.2013

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Here are some pictures from Henry’s actual proposal on the Ghost Tour down in Key West

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Here are some fun pictures of the Bride & Groom getting into a bit of poolside shenanigans!!

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