Have you guys tried Dropbox yet?  It’s a free storage site that allows you to save files securely on the cloud and you can access them from any computer or handheld device that has web access.

Gone are the days of having to email files to yourself or having to remember to bring your thumb drive / flash drive everywhere so that you can access the files you need.  Instead you can just upload them to your Dropbox folder and access them anywhere and anytime!

Another cool feature of Dropbox is your ability to share selected files with your friends so that everyone you grant access to has the ability to either view or view/ edit the files in the selected folder.  For instance, I have multiple files shared with different people so that we can easily share files that we’re working on or audiobooks/music that each other might be interested in.

You can sign up to Dropbox by clicking here and you start off with 2gbs of free storage space and you get an additional 250mbs for each friend that you get to sign up.  Besides for the ability to access Dropbox online, you can also download the program to your PC or Mac making file transfers even easier and of course there is a Dropbox app for your smartphone which allows you to easily access and share your files from your handheld device!!

Say goodbye to thumb drives and the hassle of emailing yourself files and say hello to Dropbox!!!