I recently purchased tickets to a Dave Matthews & Tim Renolds show at the United Palace Theater because I love Dave Matthews, though the best part is that 100% of the ticket price goes to the charity of my choice!!

I actually didn’t even know that the ticket prices went to charity and it was a welcome surprise when I got an email from the Dave Matthews Fan Site (The Warehouse) providing me with the details to log into Just Give, which is a website that allows you to donate to over 1.8 million local charities!

I used the donation codes I was provided and searched the Just Give website and easily located a handful of charities in my town ranging from my Fire Department to the local Rotary Club. The interesting part is that it looks like Just Give goes buy the non for profit registration numbers because organizations don’t’ have to register with Just Give to be included in their list of organizations you can donate to.

Such a simple idea that has such great potential!!!